The Wasabi Story

Wasabi Productions is an independent publisher of original, high-quality storybook apps designed for touch screen technology.

We were born in Australia, and one of the first publishers of interactive children's books for the iPad. We're on a journey to become a global digital publishing company of the future.

Our vision is to entertain young kids with tales of memorable characters where the reader's interaction is central to progressing the story. Since our books are written with touch screen technology in mind, we can involve, delight and inspire our young readers - helping them learn about language and life while enjoying meaningful and fun together time with their families. Our focus is on evoking the imagination through stories with a moral and social outtake, and together with text highlighting, our apps contribute positively to our readers' development.


Graham NunnGraham Nunn, Founder & Creative Director

Graham named Wasabi Productions after his passions, "words and surf and books". After selling his award-winning advertising agency, Graham decided to focus on a passion project and write and develop a children's book for the coming iPad. He had so much fun doing it that he kept on going and sought out additional founders to help take Wasabi to the next level in 2012. His company, Wasabi Productions was born out of his passion for writing and entertaining kids. A keen surfer, Graham lives in Sydney, is married and has three grown children and one super beta tester granddaughter.

You can read former Strategy and Marketing Director, Amy Friedlander's guest blog posts on Storybook App Creation here & Paid App Marketing here. Download the case study at Digital Book World on Storybook App Creation: Demystified here.


  • Writer & Creative Director - Graham Nunn
  • Illustrator: Kim Neale, CharacterMill
  • Animator: James Neale, CharacterMill
  • Voice over: Lydia Dyhin and Angela Catterns
  • Sound: audioPost
  • Music: Hylton Mowday
  • Development: Well Placed Cactus, Code Monastery

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