Lost Larry for Android

Wasabi Productions launches Lost Larry for Android Phones! 

 galaxy s3 1


This highly rated and widely acclaimed storybook app is now available on Android.

In this story, Larry is lost and needs you to help him find his way home. There’s rich interaction on every page as the reader needs to help Larry through mazes, across rivers, over canyons, stepping stones and rickety old bridges. Keep an eye out for the special extra surprise animations on every page too! A good lesson in not wandering too far from home makes this book an entertaining and meaningful family read.

This app is currently FREE so why not visit Google Play and download it? Perfect for entertaining your preschooler on the go. 

"Much of what makes this book app a standout, beyond the quality storyline, illustrations and sound effects, is subtle. It includes rhyming, which is important for phonological awareness in early readers. A variety of action words such as trace, push, stroke and count are introduced and then must be physically demonstrated on the page by the reader. These elements make the story especially well-suited to English language learners and special needs children with language-processing difficulties."- Smart Apps for Kids (review of identical iOS app)

Download here.