Support Module (New)

  • The sound on my Wasabi app isn’t working, what should I do? Open or Close

    Firstly, thank you for visiting our site for help first! The silent / lock rotation switch on the side of your iPad can often be the cause of sound issues in your app. There's a great article with more info on why here. For now, we'll get straight to the troubleshooting tips if sound doesn't appear to work:

    • Go to 'Settings' on your iPad.
    • Select 'General 'and scroll down to the "Use Side Switch to" box and select the mute option.
    • Toggle the side switch to the off position and this should restore the switch's ability to control sound on your device - meaning the app sound should now work.
    • To lock the rotation again, just go back to settings to change what the side switch controls.
    • Please note: other applications (Pandora / YouTube) can override your sound settings so may still work while your Wasabi app does not - the above tips should cure it though!

    sound troubleshooting

  • My child can’t stop poking the characters, I am finding it hard to get through the story - what should I do? Open or Close

    We're so glad to hear they love interacting with our apps! We've introduced a feature that allows you to turn off animation until the 'read to me' and text highlighting on a particular page are through - so you can only get a reaction from the characters once the story section is finished. To access this option, visit the orange arrow in the top right hand corner of every page.

    Ps: remember our characters are make believe, never stroke or poke a real lizard - or tickle a gorilla for that matter!

  • How do we know what to interact with on the pages? Open or Close

    The words of our stories invite the readers to interact with the scenes in a certain way, for example, by poking or stroking a character or showing them the way through a maze. We also build in surprise and delight interactions to make re-reading our stories rewarding and to simply delight your children. These are outlined on the question mark link which can be accessed from the title page of each storybook app. They include things like tapping fish in the water to see them jump and splash, or finding a hidden Toucan in the trees to make them pop out with a cute sound.

  • How can I stay up to date with news from Wasabi Productions on new titles, interesting facts, sales and promotions? Open or Close

    Please sign up to our newsletter (there's an email address entry field on the top right of every page on our website or in the parents section of every app) and don't forget to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and add us to your circles on Google+ (links to each page are on the homepage).


  • What age group are Wasabi Productions apps appropriate for? Open or Close

    We focus on creating our stories for preschoolers (2-6 year olds) and hope that our books will be read together with parents, grandparents, teachers and kids.

    Our books can also be enjoyed by older children who can read the stories to themselves. We've had positive reviews from special needs professionals about the books being loved by kids with special needs too. While our books are designed to be enjoyed together, they are also a great way to entertain children who can be read to automatically when you're finishing a chore or helping another child.

  • How are Wasabi apps developed? Open or Close

    Our apps are created as original stories, where we focus first and foremost on charming, meaningful tales that can work on touch screen technology. We work with award winning illustrators to bring our characters and scenes to life in beautiful, traditional illustration techniques. 3D animation is then used to bring the stories to life. They are coded by programmers, so the stories can unfold and move forward as readers interact. We also pride ourselves on evoking the imagination through a sensory experience that includes authentic sounds and music to accompany our stories where appropriate.

  • Do you expect all kids to have their own smartphone or tablet to engage with your stories? Open or Close

    Absolutely not. Our apps are designed to be enjoyed on shared devices that the whole family has access to. We communicate with parents who are responsible for selecting apps appropriate for their children and making the purchases. All of our apps have safety measures in place to ensure kids are not exposed to external links, purchase capability or any features outside of the story that has been designed for them to enjoy.